TfL Intros No-Standing Zones to Reduce London Underground Overcrowding

By Gary Cutlack on at

People who enjoy cataloguing automated London Underground announcements (yes, Inspector Sands, this means you), have a new one to add to the list today, one accompanied by some almost equally as exciting new form of platform marking.

To try to shuffle people away from the areas where they like to stand and potentially spontaneously combust, the London Underground has introduced a criss-cross yellow box floor marking to some parts of the platforms and stairwells of London's busiest stations, with the accompanying new announcement "Do not wait in the yellow boxed area to avoid congestion" being routinely pinged out from the station speakers.

The Northern line platforms at Bank and parts of Victoria and Oxford Circus stations are where you need to be if you want to be meekly kettled along the platform by an automated process as people watching via CCTV in a control room laugh at your suggestibility, with LU's Steve Griffiths explaining: "This is part of our work to reduce congestion and improve journeys for our customers as London grows. Our staff on the platforms continue to encourage customers to use the full length of the platform and to take care getting on and off trains." [Standard]

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