The Best iPhone SE Accessories

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's been just over a week since Apple released the iPhone SE, a device to appease to the iPhone-loving crowd who don't want a giant phone. The phone itself is... Fine. Nothing innovative and new, but that's alright. Those of you who went out to buy one, or plan on doing so in the near future, probably want to kit out your new device with some extra bits and pieces. Here's a selection of some of the best ones out there.

It's worth pointing out at this point that on the outside the device is the same as the iPhone 5 and 5S. So if you have any cases or accessories lying around from a few years ago, you can finally dust them off and reuse them.

Belkin iPhone 5 Dock, from £15

There are many reasons to want some sort of stand/dock for your iPhone, and if you want something very basic you should give this a go. Just slide your iPhone SE into place, and it'll charge and sync with any connected computers. It's a great way to keep your phone within hands reach while still being able to see what's on screen at a moment's notice. In fact, position it right and it'll be ideal for Facetiming hands-free. You probably won't even need to remove your case, either. [Buy it here]

Bose SoundDock Series 3, £180

A dock is for far more than giving your phone somewhere to live, so if you want something with a bit more functionality give this a go. Rather than just charging your iPhone and giving it a place to live, the Series 3 SoundDock is a speaker system playing any audio coming out of your device. It's not wireless, so you'll have to physically dock your phone, but that's all it needs. This also has auxiliary input, so you can plug in any of your devices that don't happen have a lightning port. [Buy it here]

TaiPove Lightning-Enabled USB Flash Drive, From £18

So you got yourself an iPhone SE, and you need a bit more storage than Apple has on offer. There's no official expansion, but you can get a bit more if you grab yourself something like this. It's a USB flash drive that gives you a bit more space to store and access files, without having to buy a much bigger device. It's no good for system stuff, like apps, but it's great if you want some extra storage for videos, photos, and so on without having to resort to the cloud. [Buy it here]

Portable Lightning Cable, £4

iPhones aren't know for their battery life, so chances are you'll need a boost of power on days of particularly heavy use. When that's the case, you'll need a cable to top yourself up. This one is pretty minimalist and fits on your keys, so you'll have a cable handy at all times without inconveniencing yourself. [Buy it here]

Otterbox Resurgence Case, £25

If you can't be dealing with plugging your phone in for some extra juice, or you need that extra power all the time, try slapping one of these cases onto your SE. It offers an extra 2,000mAh of power, which more than doubles the total battery capacity at your disposal. Plus, being an Otterbox, it offers a lot more protection from falls. If you'd rather have a different case, you could always go for an external USB battery pack instead. Try this one, it has 22,560 mAh of power and three USB ports to plug into multiple devices. [Buy it here]

Universal 3-in-1 Camera Lens Kit, £7

There are plenty of ways to improve the capabilities of your phone's camera, and none so simple as these clip-on lenses. There's a fish-eye lens, a macro lens, and a wide-angle lens that literally just clips onto your phone over  the camera. The most complicated thing about it is unscrewing the lenses to swap them round, so even a monkey could get some sweet effects going. [Buy it here]

BoxWave Keyboard Case, £75

Unlike the Blackberry, iPhones have never had physical keyboards. That hasn't stopped the demand for them, however, so it's up to cases like this to fill the void. It's a full QWERTY keyboard that lets you switch between it and the on-screen keyboard at will, connecting to your device via Bluetooth, and doesn't restrict access to any ports. The main downside, however, is that it has to be charged up separately via micro USB. [Buy it here]

LifeProof nüüd Waterproof Case, £43

There still isn't a waterproof iPhone (sigh), but you can make up for that. This case has IP69 waterproofing, which seals out dust and protects your iPhone in up to two metres of water for an hour. Not only that, it protects it from drops up to two metres high, and doesn't stop you using the touchscreen or TouchID. [Buy it here]

CHOE Qi Wireless Charging Case and Receiver, £23

Pff, wires. Pff, wires plugging into things. Who needs that? Not you, with this lovely case that brings Qi wireless charging to your new iPhone SE. So it's not really wireless charging, the receiver has a wire after all, but it does mean charging your phone is as simple as slapping it onto a mat and forgetting about it. No more hunting for your lightning cable and a spare USB port. [Buy it here]

Eye TV, £47

Remember the portable TVs of old? Well here's the 21st century version, and it doesn't require a single bit or internet to work. Downloading the companion app aside. This one plugs into your lightning port and delivers live broadcast television straight to your phone. Simples. There's also a wireless version with a four hour battery life, if plugging something into your phone isn't for you. [Buy it here]

Phillips Bluetooth Smart Leash, £12.04

Are you forever leaving your phone in places? Like work, the bathroom, or the pub? Well check this out, because it should stop you absent mindedly leaving your phone in random places. It's simple really, connect this little gizmo to your phone via Bluetooth and then put it somewhere safe (like your wallet). If the beacon strays too far from the phone, it'll warn you to stop being such a forgetful prat and retrieve it. The opposite is true, in case you end up leaving your wallet behind instead. [Buy it here]