The Best Spring Cleaning Gadgets

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's April already, and the weather is shifting well away from the misery of Winter to something more like Spring. The weather is getting warmer, the birds are coming home, and it's about time we got the annual spring clean over and done with. It's a big job, and it might take some time, but it doesn't have to be difficult. There are plenty of gadgets and bits of technology to make it easier, so here are the top picks.

Viledia Cleaning Robot, £100

Definitely the most well known hi-tech cleaning tool, the humble robot vacuum takes some of the pressure off vacuuming the floor by doing some of the job for you without supervision. This one has three room settings (based on size), navigates using IR sensors, and works on hard and carpeted floors. It lasts around 80 minutes, and has sensors to make sure it doesn't fall down the stairs. [Buy it here]

iRobot Floor Mopping Robot, £229

So you've vacuumed your floors, but if its tiled or hardwood it probably could do with mopping. If you can't be bothered with doing it yourself, get a robot to do it instead. It's nice and quiet, and all you need to do is attach a cleaning cloth (using magnets, naturally) and let it do its thing. [Buy it here]

Winbot, £115-£239

Cleaning the windows can be a pain, especially if you don't want any streak marks (pro-tip, coffee filters do a great job with that). But, if you want to avoid using up all your elbow grease there is a robot that can help out. It's a bit pricey, but it can be stuck onto any vertical glass (windows, doors, etc) to clean everything up and leave them sparkling. This should be particularly handy for upstairs windows if you don't have a giant ladder. [Buy it here]

Self Cleaning Toilet Brush, £30

I do hope to god that you don't wait until Spring to give your toilet a proper clean, but now is a good a time as any to upgrade the cheap brush you have in your bathroom. Try this for size, a toilet brush that cleans itself - saving you all the hassle next time the limescale build-up becomes too much to bear. Just push the top and this bad boy will clean the bristles and sanitise is for next time. [Buy it here]

Motorised Grill Brush, £78

Whether it's the one in your oven or on your BBQ, the grill can be an absolute bitch to clean with conventional tools. Thank god someone motorised the process to make scraping away grease and grime an absolute breeze. Just throw in four C batteries, and that grill will be squeaky clean in no time at all. [Buy it here]

Keyboard Putty, £2.80

Your keyboard does get pretty grim, and it can be a bit awkward to clean at times. This putty makes it easy. Just press it down into the keys, and it'll pull up all the shite that accumulates on and inside the keyboard. Best part is it won't leave any crap or residue for you to carefully peel off. [Buy it here]

UV Vacuum Cleaner, £44

If you want to be really anal about your cleaning, you're going to want something that does more than vacuum. This UV vacuum cleaner has a 600W bulb that promises to wipe out bacteria, allergens, dust mites, and even bed bugs. After all, the stuff we can't (or struggle to) see is the stuff that causes the big problems. [Buy it here]

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Bin, £175

Right here you basically have the device that's going to make the humble dustpan obsolete. A lot of people still use brushes to clean crap up off their floors, but the design of the dustpan means you can't get up every scrap. This beauty sorts that out, because it's basically a bin with a vacuum cleaner stuck on the bottom. Sweep whatever it is you're sweeping over to the base of the bin, and the vacuum will automatically activate (using IR magic) and suck it away. [Buy it here]

Sonic Scrubber Cleaning Brush, £15

Whether it's physical ailment or pure laziness, we don't have it in us to scrub all the time. Thank goodness for technology, right? This brush looks like a giant electric toothbrush, and that's basically what it is. It powers through all the cleaning you can't, whether it's difficult to reach places or just areas that need far too much work than your elbows can give. All in the name of saving time and precious joints) [Buy it here]

Dyson Pure Cool Link, £349

This is more of an all-year-round type gadget, but a clean home is pointless if it's full of dirty air. Dyson's Pure Cool Link aims to remove 99.95 per cent of pollutants from your house, automatically monitoring the air quality and adjusting accordingly. Whether it's second hand smoke, mould, pet hair, or what have you, the Dyson will stop you having to breathe it in all the time.

Of course £349 is a lot of cash, and if you don't have a Dyson-friendly budget you can opt for this £40 air purifier that doesn't even need replacement filters, [Buy it here]

Desktop Henry Hoover, £11

Big vacuum cleaners aren't designed for smaller areas like your desk, and dusting isn't always the best option. Keep your desk clean with a dose of nostalgia offered by this mini battery-powered Henry Hoover. It's only really good for dusting up crumbs and dust, but that should be more than enough to keep your desk looking pristine. [Buy it here]