The Cheapest Place to Buy The Force Awakens on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download

By Gary Cutlack on at

That film everyone talked about so much that it became just a little bit, ever so slightly, marginally, BORING TO DEATH last year is now out to buy, with everywhere, even that shop you only buy crisps and unbranded vodka from when it's dark and everywhere else is closed and you don't want the proper shops to see you, stocking The Force Awakens so you can have it to cuddle when you fall asleep.

Best Blu-ray Price For The Force Awakens

Online retailer Zoom is the cheapest place for The Force Awakens on Blu-ray at time of writing, doing it for just £15. The site is auto-playing the trailer with sound on when you visit it, though, so perhaps punish it for doing that by buying it from somewhere else and paying more.

Sainsbury's is cheating a bit to offer the Blu-ray for a category leading price of just £12 -- but only if your total shopping bill comes to more than £30. That's a lot of unnecessary white bread and fish fingers.

Hey, Do They Still Make Normal DVDs So My Dad Can Watch It?

Yes, and Tesco's doing it for a tenner, so you can impulse get it alongside your lunch today. And if you want to save a further 1p, it's on Zavvi for £9.99. And if there's a Morrisons near you, that's today's OVERALL WINNER, as apparently it's only £8 in store. And the Disney Star Wars Strawberry & Mixed Berry Yogurt 4 x 125g is down to just £1, too, although it's only the original trilogy yogurt.

How About VHS, So My Nan Can Watch It?

No one appears to be stocking The Force Awakens on VHS. You'll have to convert it for her yourself, by videoing the computer monitor.

What About Virtually, In A Format I Technically Won't Really Even Own?

Literally every internet service will have Daisy Ridley's face with the words BUY HER NOW atop it today. Google wants £3.49 for a rental or £9.99 to "buy" it on your phone, prices that rise to £4.49 and £13.99 if you want it in HD and think you'll be able to see the difference on your LG Optimus L5 II.

It's cheaper in the weird world of the individual retailer marketplaces, where just £2.99 gets you an SD rental through the inglorious Sainsbury's Entertainment On Demand media backstreet.

But That's Not The Cheapest To Buy, And The Headline Says "Cheapest" And "To Buy" And I'm About To Leave An Angry Comment Unless Satisfied

The actual cheapest price we can find for a legal digital download you sort of own but can't be buried with is via Hot UK Deals and Rakuten's Wuaki TV, which has, through a series of promotional codes, managed to get the HD and SD downloads of The Force Awakens reduced to just £4.99 each -- and that includes two hours of bonus content -- in an endlessly rewatchable format.

Thanks. I'll Probably Just Torrent It Though

Me too.