The Commodore 64 is Back - as a Handheld & Home Console

By James O Malley on at

The Commodore 64 was the biggest selling computer of all time - and for a time it utterly dominated the computer scene in the 1980s. And now the people at Retro Games Ltd want to bring it back in the form of "The 64".

The 64 comes in two forms, as either a Game Boy-style handheld, or a miniaturised version of the original machine, complete with full keyboard just as you remember it - though on the inside, things are rather different. The devices are both about retro-gaming, and you can load up C64 games using either USB memory, an SD card, or on the desktop version, actual C64 cartridges. Both devices also have a HDMI port built in, so you can play games on your TV in even crisper, HD quality than ever.

The new console follows last year's Spectrum Vega, which aimed to do something similar for the equally iconic ZX Spectum.

Leading the team behind The 64 is Darren Melbourne, who in 2004 launched the similar, but more limited C64DTV - a joystick that you could plug into a TV and use to play 30 original C64 games.

The makers also intend to include a number of games built into the console, and are currently negotiating with rights holders to figure out which.

If you want to pick one up, you can buy now on IndieGoGo, where the console version can be yours for £106, or the handheld for £120. Delivery is expected in December, if the IndieGoGo goal is met. [Pocket Lint]