The Galaxy Note 6 Leak Points to a UK Release

By James O Malley on at

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 5 last year, everyone got rather excited about the new device... only to later learn that it - inexplicably - wouldn't be released in the UK or the rest of Europe. But it appears now that Samsung is hoping to make it up to British customers by ensuring we get the Note 6 this time around.

AndroidBeat spotted the reference to an unlocked European model on a leaked list of Note 6 handsets, which seems to confirm it. Hurrah!

Separate rumours about specs point to the Note 6 offering some modest upgrades on the Note 5. According to Slashgear the screen is expected to be 5.8 inches (0.1 inch larger than the 5!), the S Pen will offer 1024 different levels of pressure sensitivity - and the camera will be doing the S7 thing of dropping megapixels down to 12 but increasing overall image quality. There's also murmurs about the device having 6GB of RAM - which would be a significant step up.

Of course, Samsung hasn't said anything official. We're not expecting the company to officially announce the device until September at IFA in Berlin, if history is any precedent. So we'll have to wait until then to find out for sure. [AndroidBeat]