The Hoff Will be Driving a Supercar Around the UK's Major Cities This Weekend

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's Regent Street will be closed to normal traffic on Bank Holiday Monday, as a host of celebrities, racing drivers and assorted people with loads of money and more than one car take to the streets to show off their available horsepower.

It's being done as part of the Gumball 3000 Rally -- which isn't really a rally as it involves supercars and F1 cars driving along normal roads within the speed limits -- with the cars being driven by the likes of diametrically opposed Davids Hasselhoff and Coulthard.

And it's not just London that's getting the action either, before you reach for that bit of paper with your Disqus details on it. The event starts in Dublin's Merrion Square on Saturday, before the cars return on Sunday for the start of the actual "rally" part, which departs at 10am. They then head to exhibitions in Belfast (Sunday, Titanic Quarter, midday), Edinburgh (Sunday, Prince's Street, 6pm), Manchester (Monday, Etihad Stadium, 1pm) and then London, left until last because it's rubbish and there are no petrol stations in the middle bit, when the supercars should start arriving in Regent's Street from 5pm.

Luxembourg, Hungary and other bits of Europe are then treated to the spectacle, before the rally/procession comes to an end in Bucharest, and David Hasselhoff gets to choose which nightclub everyone celebrates in. [Gumball 3000 Rally via Standard]

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