The Last of the PG Tips Advert Chimps Has Died

By Gary Cutlack on at

The last surviving throwback to the days animals used to be made to dress up for our entertainment has died, with the last surviving star of the PG Tips adverts being extinguished at the age of 48.

Choppers, as she was known, portrayed the role of Ada in the adverts, which you might need to be a bit old to remember so here's one off YouTube:

Happier, more innocent, and yet substantially worse days. A spokeschimp for Twycross Zoo said through gritted teeth and unconvincing mouth movements that: "Choppers recently became ill. Despite the best efforts of the zoo's veterinary team, her health declined and the difficult decision to put her sleep was made on Wednesday. Choppers was a much-loved member of Twycross Zoo's chimpanzee group and she will be sadly missed by all staff, as well as her numerous fans."

They killed her. Cup of tea, Dave? [Digital Spy]

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