The Week in Geek: Guardians 2, The Killing Joke Trailer, Star Wars 8 Photos, and more

By Tom Pritchard on at

Welcome to another instalment of the week in geek, our weekly round-up of news in the world of gaming, comics, film, and TV that you might have missed. This week we have news on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, a trailer for the upcoming Batman: The Killing Joke, a couple of set photos from Star Wars: Episode VII, and more.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Sci-Fi geeks all over the world will be overjoyed to hear that after many years Nathan Fillion has finally been cast in a Marvel movie. Sort of. It's been revealed through set photos (via that he will have a cameo appearance in the second film as actor Simon Williams. In the comics Simon Williams is a superhero who operates under the name 'Wonder Man'.

It's probably not a full appearance, but this does open the doors for Fillion to appear in other MCU movies.

There's also a video from Chris Pratt (aka Star Lord) *ahem* 'Pratting about' on set.

Batman: The Killing Joke

The long awaited animated adaptation of The Killing Joke graphic novel (by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland) will be released on Blu-ray and DVD this July. This week we saw the first full trailer.

The Killing Joke stars Mark Hamill as The Joker, Kevin Conroy as Batman, Tara Strong as Batgirl, and Ray Wise as Commissioner Gordon.

Star Wars: Episode VIII

Writer/director Rian Johnson has announced that the filming is half done, and released a couple of set photos to commemorate the occasion.

Marvel Comics

This week's instalment of Marvel's Avengers: Standoff crossover saw the return of one long-missing hero: Quasar. The latest version of the hero, powered by a pair of 'Quantum Bands' is SHIELD agent Avril Kincadi. You can read more about that over at IGN.

Marvel has also been releasing a number of teasers for something called 'Mosaic'. The company released five separate teaser images, rounding them off with an indicator that the revelation will happen in Uncanny Inhumans #11. This implies that 'Mosaic' is a brand new inhuman, but other than the fact #11 is a Civil War II tie-in we have no other information.

Fallout 4

Bethesda has just released the official development kit for Fallout 4 on PCallowing users to create mods the same way the studio makes in-game assets. A recent patch also allows for mod management in-game. Console players will be receiving the same, but not until June.

Green Lantern Corps

Heroic Hollywood is claiming that one-time Justice League director, and Mad Max creator George Miller is being considered to direct DC's upcoming Green Lantern reboot, due June 19th 2020.

Call of Duty

The official Call of Duty twitter account has teased that a remastered version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is on the way. With a poo icon, no less.

Call of Duty YouTuber Mr Syndicate has also confirmed that the game is real.

If the rumours are true, the remastered version of Modern Warfare will be included with this year's instalment in the never-ending franchise - rumoured to be titled Infinite Warfare. Other rumours claim that the remaster will be pfficially announced next week.

X-Men Apocalypse

Here's your first look at the Blob in the upcoming film, posted on Instagram by director Bryan Singer.

X-Men Apocalypse is due to be released in the UK on 18th May.

Wolverine 3

The upcoming sequel has a bunch of casting news this week, with news that Richard E Grant (Withnail and I, Doctor Who) will be playing a 'mad scientist' (with many hoping he'll play the on-screen version of Mr Sinister). Stephen Merchant (The Office, Portal 2) has also been cast in an unspecified role.

Elder Scrolls Online

The Tamriel-based MMO is still alive and well, and this week we heard the first details about the upcoming Dark Brotherhood DLC.

You can find full details over at the official Elder Scrolls blog, but the gist of it is that you'll be able to join the titular organisation as an assassin for hire. The update will also let players explore the cities of Anvil and Kvatch for the first time since The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

The Dark Brotherhood DLC can be played now on the game's public test server, and will be publicly available on 14th June.