These are the Worst London Underground Lines For Crime

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The British Transport Police have released crime figures for London’s Tube network, and they show that you’re most likely to have your wallet/handbag/bottom pinched on the Central Line. It makes perfect sense, as the route is indicated by a red line on the Tube maps, and everyone knows that red means danger.

3,783 crimes were recorded on the Central Line -- which passes through tourist hotspots such as St Pauls, Holborn, Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Circus -- between January 1st 2014 and December 8th 2015. The Piccadilly Line just missed out on top spot, having played host to 3,450 incidents of crime over the same period, and the Jubilee Line, with 3,221, took the bronze medal.

The Waterloo & City Line, which nobody uses, let alone gangs of thieves, was unsurprisingly ranked as the safest line, with only 21 crimes recorded there over two years. Interestingly, though passenger numbers on the Tube network are continually increasing, a British Transport Police spokesman said that crime levels across the network were at their lowest in over a decade.

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Here’s the full breakdown of figures. The Circle and Hammersmith & City Lines have been grouped together for some reason.

  1. Central 3,783
  2. Piccadilly 3,450
  3. Jubilee 3,221
  4. Northern 3,083
  5. District 2,654
  6. Victoria 2,474
  7. Circle and Hammersmith & City 2,108
  8. Bakerloo 1,587
  9. Metropolitan 1,445
  10. DLR 1,285
  11. Waterloo & City 21

Seriously though, have your wits about you. [Standard]