This Guy's Middle Fingers are Deadly Weapons

By Bryan Menegus on at

If you’re like me, pull-ups are an impossible dream. That is the not the case for Jamshid Turaev. Last month, the Uzbek fitness enthusiast set a world record for pull-ups using just two middle fingers.

Turaev is no stranger to Guinness records, but these two-finger pull-ups are visibly gruelling, even for someone at his level of athleticism. Although he appears to do 25 reps in the minute he’s allotted, Guinness judges later disqualified six for improper form. Despite those mishaps, Turaev now holds the record for most two-finger pull-ups, though his fingers may be too sore to grip his new medal.

We can only assume that directly afterward Turaev also tried to break Guinness’s loudest knuckle cracking record.