This Mattress Will Supposedly Detect If Your Spouse is Cheating

By James O Malley on at

Good news! If you suspect your spouse is cheating, rather than simply confront them in a short, but difficult emotional moment there's another way. You could spend £1200 on a new mattress that connects to the internet and alerts you whenever it detects, umm, activities taking place.

"Why do you need to plug the new mattress in, and why does it need the wifi code?", your spouse might ask. Just don't answer "Because I don't trust you."

Here's a promotional video, that might be NSFW depending on how conservative your workplace is:

Digital Trends reports that the Smarttress was supposedly inspired by the "crisis of infidelity" made possible by the internet. The Ashley Madison leak revealed the scale of the problem, so building a mattress capable of sensing vibrations, intensity and "contact zones" as part of what is being called a "lover detection system" was clearly the only logical next step.

We're about 51% sure that this mattress is a real product. Certainly there is an official looking website, though Google doesn't contain much information about parent company Durmet. And anyway, honestly there are probably better ways to resolve suspected infidelity.

But if it real then that's good, right? As there's literally no way that the very act of buying this mattress will make you appear unhinged. [Digital Trends]