This Ofcom Tool Can Help You Complain About Your Broadband Speeds

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

In an unusual move, Ofcom has decided to launch an interactive tool that doesn’t specialise in comparing pictures of modern London with good-old-days, black-and-white, shit-in-the-streets London. Instead, the map lets you check broadband speeds and mobile reception levels in specific areas across the UK.

Once you’ve thrown a post code into the mobile coverage and fixed broadband checker, the Ofcom machine spits out bits of handy information, such as average download speeds, the standard of mobile coverage and the availability of superfast broadband. It’s one to bookmark if you’re planning on moving house or setting up a new business.

Though the broadband figures are based on May and June 2015 numbers, Ofcom says you can use the resource to find out if your current services are under-performing, and can quote the figures when you want to file a complaint with your provider. It’s also worth taking a look at if you want to upgrade your broadband package but don’t yet know whether or not faster services are available in your area. [USwitch]