This Thermal Imaging Helmet Gives Firefighters Predator Vision

By Chris Mills on at

Thermal vision might have been made popular by Predator, but infrared imaging is useful for humans as well as alien hunters. Specifically, giving firefighters hands-free thermal vision could save lives, as well as making Hollywood jealous.

Scott Sight is an thermal imaging headset designed to make firefighters’ lives easier. It integrates a thermal camera into a standard mask, with the camera mounted on the right-hand-side, and a tiny screen positioned in the bottom of the firefighters’ field of vision.

It’s not true HoloLens-style augmented reality—you still need to flick your eyes between the real world and the tiny display—but it works something like Google Glass, or the helmet-mounted display Apache pilots use.

This Thermal Imaging Helmet Gives Firefighters Predator Vision
The inside of a Sight mask

Thermal imaging is already a staple in firefighters’ toolkits. It lets them see victims through dense smoke, but also spot hot spots or fires that are burning inside walls. At the moment, handheld cameras with a rear-mounted display are the norm, but they’re bulky, and obviously use up hands.

Augmented reality is currently a jaw-dropping technology searching for practical applications. Scott’s helmet-mounted display is a fantastic start, but imagine a HoloLens-style display, coupled with a thermal imaging camera, which would automatically flag up victims and hot spots—not to mention, of course, giving us a good weapon in the war against Ridley Scott’s alien invasion.

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