This Wooden Walking Robot Could Teach Kids to Code

By James O Malley on at

Another day, another attempt to give kids a new way to code. But this time it comes with something a bit different: A totally bad-ass robot that can walk.

Like a wooden spider, the ZeGoBeast Electric comes as a flatpack, like something from IKEA, and users must build it and program it themselves. The thinking is that by using a physical robot, it will be more engaging than simply shifting pixels around on a screen - and kids will be able to physically see the fruits of their coding. The creators have designed a number of lesson plans and tutorials to help teach kids how to program the beasts too.

Under the hood the robot is all powered by an Arduino processor and is packed with sensors, including a front-facing camera to enable drone-style operation. If you have multiple robots, they can apparently interact with each other, and play games like Capture The Flag.

To fund the project, the makers are looking for a cool $50,000 on a Kickstarter, which launches today.