Tim Peake Beat the Record For Running A Marathon in Space

By Andrew Liptak on at

The London Marathon was held earlier today, and among its runners? Astronaut Tim Peake, orbiting above the Earth on the International Space Station, and he set the world(?) record for running a marathon in space.

Interestingly, he’s not the first astronaut to tackle this feat: that honour goes to Astronaut Sunita Williams, who posted a four hour, twenty-four minute run time in 2007's Boston Marathon.

Here’s how the race progressed:

He made good time, too:

While running in space, Peake was joined by two team members on the ground running in replica Russian space suits:

All in all, he finished the race at 3:35:21, several minutes behind his 1999 London Marathon time of 3:18:50, but taking the title away from Williams to earn a Guinness World Record:

Running a marathon in general seems like an insane proposition to me, but running it in space? That’s just awesome.