Top Gear's Getting an Online-Only, Chris Evans-Free Sister Show

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

As part of its push to become more web-focused and young person-friendly, the BBC’s announced Extra Gear, an online-only Top Gear spin-off that sounds sort of like a Big Brother’s Little Brother for middle-aged car fans who know how to use the internet.

The show will air on BBC Three -- through the channel’s website and iPlayer -- immediately after Top Gear finishes on BBC Two, and will be fronted by Rory Reid. Hurrah! No Chris Evans! At least not in a presenting role, anyway. Extra Gear will feature interviews, exclusive footage and behind-the-scenes action from the main show.

"Extra Gear is hugely exciting," said Reid. "The Top Gear fans are some of the keenest in the world and with this show I'm giving them a chance to really get a peek behind the curtain. I'm looking forward to showing them how the show is made and what goes on behind the scenes, giving viewers a different perspective on some of the coolest cars on the planet.”

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Here's hoping the theme tune is a thumping remix of Jessica. [TopGear]