Torrent Traffic Drops as Pirates Switch to Direct Download and Streams

By Gary Cutlack on at

Data scavenged together by a piracy tracker appears to show that the big public torrent sites are on a bit of a downtrend, as years of blockades and legally enforced server troubles slowly eat away at the black market share of the main torrenting portals.

The rise of streaming services is also partially to blame for a general decline in torrent site visits, according to MUSO, which has the graphs and everything to prove this:


MUSO claims to have monitored traffic to 14,000 of the largest torrenting portals on the planet, totalling a huge 141 billion individual visits in a year. "Our data shows a rapid change in piracy behavior, with a large movement away from torrent usage, and growth in web based piracy," the tracker told TorrentFreak, with its data appearing to show a 24 per cent drop in traffic to torrent sites between the beginning and end of 2015 alone.

Apart from in France: "Our data can split the above traffic by country, and shows that most countries follow this downward trend. There are however some notable exceptions, such as France, where torrent usage increased throughout the year."

Private trackers, though, where people sign in to share niche material in an understanding environment, were relatively stable, with the drop in traffic only really hitting the besieged public trackers, where the casual people go to see if the new Batman has been filmed off the screen yet. [TorrentFreak]

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