UK Government Support First "eSports Olympics" in Rio

By Rob Cappellina on at

It used to be that the only link between Olympians and gaming was the inevitable hand-cramp that followed an International Track and Field session (millennial PlayStation owners will know what I’m talking about). But now gamers will finally have the opportunity to showcase their wrist-action at the first ever eGames this August.

Backed by the UK government, the two-day tournament in Rio de Janeiro will coincide with the 2016 Olympic Games in an effort to “shape the future of competitive gaming”. Players, or eAthletes, will be invited to compete amongst the elite as they represent their countries, with gamers flying the flag for the likes of Canada, Brazil and the US already signed up.

Just like the real thing, each country will have a team (or eTeam) made up of male and female gamers over the age of 18, leaving no room for any underage gymnast scandal. And while there will be no prize money involved for the non-profit pop up, participants will compete for medals and ultimately pride as they aim to take home the gold.

More details will be announced later in later this month and through into May. [eGames]