Warner Bros Confirm Standalone Affleck Batman Film Plans

By James O Malley on at

There's a massive hole in the hull, water is flooding in and you're running out of ideas. If you're not careful, the whole damn ship might be going under - and face it, Aquaman is never going to save you.

So what to do? In the case of Warner Bros, it appears that following the Batman vs Superman mess, the company has quickly jumped into action and confirmed that we'll be getting more of the part of the film that people liked: More Batman.

According to Mashable, speaking on stage at Cinemacon studio head Kevin Tsujihara officially confirmed for the first time that a solo-Batman film is in the works, with Ben Affleck set to star and direct the film.

The film has been long rumoured, and highly anticipated by fans ever since the first trailers for BvS showed Batman actually looking pretty cool. At the same event, Tsujihara also confirmed that Aquaman, which is planned for 2018, will be helmed by Furious 7's James Wan.

As Mashable notes, it's an interesting vote of confidence in the DC Universe following the near universal critical panning of BvS. That said, the film has still done okay at the box office, so it appears that WB is more than willing to shake the money tree one more time to see what falls out.

Sadly there aren't yet any details on when we can expect to see the standalone Batman - though the DC slate is currently full all the way up until 2020. So we perhaps shouldn't expect it until after that. [Mashable]