Watch North Korea Destroy the South in This State-Sponsored Special Effects Blockbuster

By Gary Cutlack on at

We've all imagined destroying entire nations after being made to watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory at the house of someone who erroneously insists it's good, but most of us lack the budget, resources and self-destructive streak to actually attempt it for real. North Korea also lacks the skills and balls to launch a war on its enemies (at time of writing), but it's done the next best thing -- created a CG advert of it happening as some sort of vague online threat.

It's put the bizarre creation up on YouTube, where, topped by imagined press reports of an attack on South Korea by the mighty regime to the North, it has superimposed some poor CG explosions atop key cultural landmarks and military facilities of the South; creating something that resembles a world destruction movie from the 1970s, or Tom Baker commanding UNIT to attack the daleks. Here's the full thing:

If you are South Korean you might recognise some of those buildings falling down in unrealistic ways. Seeing as we're not, all we can comment on is how the footage looks like it was assembled for £1 in some sort of news-generating amusement machine in an arcade on a pier and exported to YouTube at the cheapest resolution option, using the local equivalent of Dad's Army as a base. [YouTubeKotaku via Independent]

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