Watch the World's First VR 360 Degree Surgery Live Today at 1pm

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal London hospital is about to break some exciting new ground in the world of VR, by streaming a live operation to anyone with an appropriate headset/app combo under the guise of it being educational.

You will, at 1pm today, technology permitting, be able to watch a three-hour colon cancer operation performed by Dr. Shafi Ahmed, who will be performing under the watchful eyes of a twin six camera Mativision system used to create the VR world.

Those without apps and screens or as much inclination to hold a thing over their faces should be able to watch it happen on the web site of Medical Realities, a medical training company that thinks a VR-led approach might be the future of teaching doctors how to operate on our broken bits. They've organised it all alongside Mativision, in part to promote their VRinOR iOS and Android VR apps.

Dr Ahmed said: "I am honoured that this patient has given permission for his experience to provide this unparalleled learning opportunity. As a champion of new technology in medicine, I believe that virtual and augmented reality can revolutionise surgical education and training, particularly for developing countries that don’t have the resources and facilities of NHS hospitals." [Medical Realities via Ars]

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