What the Hell's This Giant Thing Swimming up the River Thames?

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Footage of what appears to be a large creature swimming in the Thames has been posted online, and nobody knows what it is. In classic mystery video fashion, the cameraman seems incapable of actually locking onto what he’s supposed to be filming, so we’re only treated to the briefest of glimpses of a dark, fish-like shape ducking underwater.

The short video was filmed from a cable car in Greenwich last week, with the YouTuber behind the clip suggesting that it might be a whale or a submarine. Inevitably, commenters have thrown in their two cents too. Loch Ness Monster? Donald Trump’s barnet? Bull shark? A load of codswallop? All very compelling suggestions.

Despite the fact that the only fish I’ve ever spotted in the river was dead and being pecked at by seagulls, the Thames is home to plenty of animals, including trout, bream, perch and carp. Interestingly, however, non-native giants like the Siberian sturgeon and Wels catfish have also been spotted in the river in the past. The footage appears to show an animal with a striking tail/dorsal fin arrangement, which makes me lean towards the bull shark/sturgeon theories. Yeah, I've definitely been watching too much River Monsters. That said, I'm not ruling out the possibility of O2 and TfL teaming up to create a tourism-boosting, man-made monster. What’s your guess? Comments/abuse below please.[HuffingtonPost]