Where to Watch The Thick of It Online

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Today was so much more than just Ed Balls Day. When former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone decided to sack off his gardening duties this morning, not even he could have known how much shit he was about to stir up.

After airing his questionable views of Hitler’s on radio, foolishly and repeatedly attempting to defend them on TV when the shitstorm inevitably erupted and becoming embroiled in a comedic shouting match with Labour MP John Mann on live TV, he locked himself in a disabled toilet while the nation’s top political journalists filmed the door and eventually emerged a man suspended from the Labour Party.

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If there's one positive to come out of all this, it's to remind us all to get a The Thick of It marathon in the calendar. The entire series is available on Netflix, but you can also buy individual seasons through Amazon for less than a fiver a pop. If the BBC Store’s your thing, good for you. Google Play and iTunes also have the series, with individual episodes starting at £1.89.

We'll leave you with a quote, and the image of Jeremy Corbyn rallying the troops.

This is a bucket of shit. If someone throws shit at us, we throw shit back at them. We start a shit fight. We throw so much shit back at them that they can't pick up shit, they can't throw shit, they can't do shit.