Why Superhero Movies Suck

By Casey Chan on at

Let’s be honest. These days, superhero movies have become 2-hour long trailers for their next movie which in turn will be a 2-hour long set up for a bigger movie and other movies in their universe. Which will then lead to another movie! It’s endless. And maddening! Plus, a lot of them aren’t even good movies anymore! They’re just semi-cool action sequences with characters we don’t even get to know. I Hate Everything hilariously explains why superhero movies suck in the epic video takedown below.

His reasons include: the lame excuse of “it’s just a comic book movie”, crazy visuals with no storytelling, how setting up future movies become more important than the movie itself, a bland, safe format, awful scores, Batman V Superman, and more.

It’s funny criticism! And biting! And somewhat true. Some of these superhero movies have been excellent, some have been utter garbage but the most damning thing is that most have actually been pretty forgettable. Like a spectacle you don’t even remember seeing.