Windows Quicktime is Dead For Real This Time

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Windows version of Quicktime, which you may have put on your PC in the mid-2000s to watch a film trailer Apple bought the rights to for a week and then forgotten about, appears to be dead for real this time. Apple's telling PC users how to uninstall it, plus updates are now officially cancelled.

According to the latest death throe reported by the WSJ, Apple has now confirmed that the current PC version of the code -- exploits and all -- is the last, and that PC users really ought to delete it. If they haven't already bought new PCs, reinstalled new version of Windows, deleted it five years ago or generally moved on with their media consumption habits in other ways since QT was actually a useful thing to have.

Oddly enough, you can still download it from Apple, should you instantly regret deleting it, or find one of your apps actually depends upons some niche codec within its base and that without it you can't do that thing you do, or still be using an old 320 × 200 webcam that can only capture things in MOV format. [WSJ via Engadget]

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