You Can Now Stream Shitty Non-Gaming Films on Steam

By Gerald Lynch on at

Valve's PC gaming platform Steam now lets its users stream rentals of non-gaming films. But you'll never want to, as all the films headed to the gaming service are utter, utter shite.

Valve has inked a deal with film studio Lionsgate, letting it distribute rentals of Lionsgate films for between £3.49 and £4.49 a pop, to be viewed within 30 days of handing over your cash, and 48 hours once you've first pressed play. Lionsgate has some big names under its banner, such as the Hunger Games movies. But you won't find them here.

Instead, Steam users can enjoy the likes of Return of the Living Dead, Deck the Halls, and Leprechaun 1-4. To put the quality of these films in perspective, Leprechaun 4: Lost in Space, is the first film I've ever searched for on Rotten Tomatoes to have a 0% rating. So I guess you can hope it's in "so bad, it's good" territory. There are 11 rubbish Lionsgate films currently available in total. You'd be better off sticking with some of the gaming films Steam already distributes, like the lovely Indie Game: The Movie.

Still, this is probably just the beginning. Variety adds that the company plans to "add more titles as the partnership expands worldwide." So if you really must have another service on top of Netflix, Amazon et al within which to stream your movies, it might be worth keeping an eye on Steam going forward. [Steam]