You Probably Haven't Heard of the Guy Apparently Playing Darth Vader in Star Wars Rogue One

By Gerald Lynch on at

Have you seen the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer yet? No? Then go do it, and then once you've done that, go off and read our breakdown of every detail we spotted in the preliminary clip.

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Done that? Catch a sight of Canary Wharf underground station? Good. You're now equipped with the knowledge needed to get what comes next. So, as you can see, this first in what's expected to be a long line of standalone Star Wars spin offs tells the story of how the Rebel Alliance came to acquire the plans for the original Death Star. And who had a nice little office just by the Death Star's bridge? Darth Vader, that's who, so the ongoing rumours that he's likely to make an appearance (paired with the audio clue at the end of the trailer) are likely true.

But who will don that iconic mask? With the original Vader, David Prowse, now getting on a bit, reliable sources have apparently confirmed with Flickering Myth that the Dark Lord of the Sith will be played by Spencer Wilding.

"Eh? Who?", you're probably justifiably thinking – Wilding's not a household name, but he's popped up in a number of big films in the past few years, including Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman Begins. As much a stunt man as an actor, it's his intimidating stature that literally puts him a cut above the rest, towering over the general populace at an imposing 6'.7" tall. With his face covered up and James Earl Jones likely to return to voice the character, Wilding's massive frame would make him a threatening onscreen presence.

As you'd imagine, there's no confirmation from Disney on even the character's appearance in the film, let alone casting. But Flickering Myth stress they have it on good authority. So what do you think? Got to be better than having Hayden Christensen again, right? [Flickering Myth]