10th Anniversary of the Guy Goma Interview: Never Forget

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Never ever. 10 years ago yesterday, a fellow by the name of Guy Goma turned up at the BBC Television Centre in west London to interview for the role of data support cleanser. As he waited in the main reception, another chap called Guy -- this time a tech expert with the surname Kewney -- sat in another reception area, preparing for a live television interview on the subject of Apple's legal battle with The Beatles' record label, Apple Corps.

A couple of blunders later, a nonplussed Goma was pulled into the News 24 studio, sat in front of the cameras and quickly wired up with a microphone. Simply assuming that the BBC job interview process was really weird, Goma didn't protest.

Only after he was introduced by presenter Karen Bowerman as Guy Kewney, the editor of tech site NewsWireless, did he realise the shit he was in. CUE INCREDIBLE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. Watch the clip below to see what happened next.

Go on, watch it again.

The brilliant Guy Goma had his actual job interview about 20 minutes later, but unfortunately wasn’t hired. He did become a TV legend though, making appearances on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, GMTV, T4 and Channel 4 News, as well as inspiring the storyline for Smoke and Mirrors, an episode of the IT Crowd.

Guy Goma, whatever you're up to these days, you’ll always be close to our hearts.