Nine-Week-Old The New Day Newspaper Will be Killed Off This Week

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

RIP The New Day
February 29th 2016 - May 6th 2016

Just nine weeks after launch, Trinity Mirror has called time on The New Day, the UK’s youngest if not hottest daily newspaper. The publication will be shuttered tomorrow, leaving its staff free to get absolutely trolleyed in the office and have the rowdiest of rowdy Friday nights.

The paper, which promised to be politically neutral and straightforward, got off to a promising start, with two million copies distributed -- albeit free of charge -- on launch day. Things nosedived pretty much as soon as they started charging. Right now, with The New Day priced at 50p, circulation is around the 40,000 mark.

"The response over the 50 issues we have published has been extraordinary," said The New Day editor Alison Phillips. "I have never worked on a title with such engagement from readers. There clearly were many people who truly loved the idea of a different kind of newspaper which spoke to them. But the reality was we didn't have enough of them on a daily basis."

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While it's easy to poke fun and have a laugh about it, it's a sad turn of events for a publication that wanted to try something a little bit different. Unfortunately, the weird, anti-modern twist of it not having an accompanying website, as well as the fact that everyone in media basically fucked, meant it never really stood a chance. Farewell The New Day, we hardly knew ye. [BBC]