A Quick Refresher on How Computer Memory Works

By Darren Orf on at

RAM, DRAM, SRAM, SSD, HDD. The language of computer memory, like most other components of computers and smartphones, is a collection of alphabet soup. So it can be difficult to wrap your brain around what exactly those collection of letters mean, and more importantly, what the hell they do.

Thankfully, this TED-Ed video breaks down the surprisingly human-like properties of computer RAM, or random access memory. Never knew the difference between DRAM and SRAM was? Confused why you should care if your new laptop uses solid-state drives instead of other out-of-date storage tech? This five-minute video explains it all.

The tutorial won’t exactly make you a globally recognised expert on the subject (it doesn’t even attempt to discuss quantum computing for crying out loud), but at least the next time you look at a spec sheet you won’t go completely cross-eyed.