A Rare and Really Weird 'Revenge of the Jedi' Trailer's Just Hit YouTube

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The Oscars YouTube channel has got Star Wars fans all in a tizzy after posting what might just be the first Revenge of the Jedi trailer ever released. It’s a bloody odd one too, with the 35-second clip showing zero live-action shots, instead comprising a series of stills and a bit of text and grand, grand music. Go on, have a look for yourself.

As we all now know, George Lucas had a fair bit of trouble with the film’s title, switching between ‘Return’ and ‘Revenge’ a couple of times before finally deciding he was right to begin with. Thanks to all of the faffing, plenty of mis-branded merchandise and promotional material made it out, and would fetch rather a lot of money today.

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The trailer, created by an unnamed UK cinema, promises a December 25th 1983 release for the movie, though it ended up hitting the silver screen months earlier, on June 2nd -- a week after it came out in the US. So that's wrong title , wrong release date and no action. A thumbs up to everyone involved. [EW]