Acer's New Transforming Laptops Are a Cheap and Cheerful 2-in-1

By Jamie Condliffe on at

If you’re hard up and in the market for a tablet-cum-laptop, you might be interested in the latest additions to Acer’s Switch range: 10-inch tablets with plug-in keyboards that are really rather cheap.

There are two new models in the range: The Switch V 10 and Switch One 10. Both of them hide quad-core Intel Atom processors and either 32GB and 64 GB of storage within their 10-inch tablet frames. The One 10 will cost $200 when it becomes available over the summer, while the V 10 will set you back $250 (UK pricing and availability is TBC, but that comes in at approximately £135 and £169 respectively, sans VAT). The extra $50 will snag you a USB Type-C port, an extra hour or so of battery life, and a slightly more streamlined design. The old Switch 10 E was respectable enough, so these devices ought be respectable, too.

Elsewhere, Acer has also announced some new monitors and business-focused laptops that you can go look at if you hate yourself. [Windows via Engadget]