All the Ways FindFace Could be Used for Bad, Bad Things

By Gary Cutlack on at

New app FindFace claims it might be of use in perfectly innocent scenarios like trying to find the Facebook profile of the guy/girl you took a secret photo of on the bus, but we find that hard to believe. It has "Pulled Following Scandal" written all over it.

The maker of the app -- available in Russia and boasting 500,000+ downloads -- says it has a 70 per cent accuracy rate in identifying faces from whatever data it's fed. The maker explains: "If you see someone you like, you can photograph them, find their identity, and then send them a friend request. With this algorithm, you can search through a billion photographs in less than a second from a normal computer."

Which spells trouble of this kind:

Looking Up People From School
It's weird, they're older now, she's moved on and never even knew your surname. End result: Bad things happen.

Looking Up Yourself
You might be identified as someone you believe to be less attractive, leading to further self-esteem issues. End result: Bad things happen.

Looking Up Shop Assistants
Has a boyfriend: End result: Nothing happens.

Retrospective Punishments
The Daily Mail will employ a staff member whose sole job is to scan all old men and out them for historical crimes. Your misadventures with a burning rubbish bin during an anti-capitalist rally in 2005 will be discovered through analysis of old CCTV footage. End result: Bad things happen.

No One Leaves The House Any More
End result: The internet goes slower for everyone. [Guardian via Metro]

Image credit: Public photography from Shutterstock