Apple Engineers Hold Conference Calls at Customer's House, Still Can't Sort iTunes Out

By Gary Cutlack on at

A viral post in which some poor iTunes user moaned about the service deleting a large chunk of his music collection led to quite the extreme example of Apple customer service, with the tech giant sending out a couple of engineers to the chap's home in order to get to the bottom of the problem.

The problem, as it was originally described, was that the iTunes Apple Match service decided it was OK to delete 122 GB of music files from the hard drive of James Pinkstone, a story he outlined in full on his personal blog. That caused much social sharing, as anyone for whom iTunes is a perpetual nightmare took great pleasure in sharing the tale of Apple's seeming ineptitude and lack of care.

Well, get a load of this. Pinkstone now says in a new post that Apple sent a couple of its men round, not to issue a beating for disrespecting it on the internet or to placate him with a voucher, but to sit in his house in an attempt to recreate the problem on his laptop so that it might be eliminated for all. They even held a few conference calls with other engineers.

But nothing happened. Pinkstone explained: "...we spent hours troubleshooting, but the problem eluded us. This time, the files remained, which was just one of many confounding elements of my whole saga. The problem wasn’t cut-and-dry, therefore has proven difficult to replicate." [Vellum via 9to5Mac]

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