Apple to Scrap 16GB iPhone 7 Model, Says Source Who's Definitely Not Guessing

By Gary Cutlack on at

Supply chain sources who might be real or might just be guessing, claim to KNOW what is going to be inside this year's impending iPhone 7. This will be the year Apple switches to 32GB of operating memory across the range, apparently. So expect prices to rise accordingly, as there's no way Apple would offer people more stuff for the same price.

The same sources also suggest the iPhone 7 series may come with 2GB of operating memory as a default lowest-end option, which would be extremely nice to have as it certainly had an effect on the multitasking powers of the iPhone 6S; the first Apple model to break the 1GB barrier.

This bit of educated guesswork that's bound to be right one year comes from Kevin Wang of IHS Technology, who says these numbers come from "supply chain research" and not simply guessing that sooner or later Apple's going to have to start upping memory in line with the competition and to store all the photos of their faces that the kids seems to enjoy taking all the time these days. [IBTimes]

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