Barclays Officially Snubs Android Pay in the UK

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Not-at-all-predictably, Barclays has confirmed that it has no intentions of getting on board with Android Pay in the UK. It’s another kick in the delicate bits for Barclays customers, who had to wait nine months for the bank to finally jump on board with Apple Pay. It was the last major UK bank to do so.

Barclays will instead focus on its own mobile payment service, Contactless Mobile. It will work in pretty much exactly the same manner as Android Pay, allowing users to pay for goods through their NFC-enabled Android phone, as long as it runs KitKat or above.

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An exact launch date for Barclays' own payment service has not yet been revealed, but it should arrive next month. Not that we're saying the bank has a bit of a rep or anything, but the emphasis is very much on 'should'. [Telegraph]