BBC Food to Close Down, Sending Over 11,000 Recipes to a Delicious Grave

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Shed a tear for BBC Food. The site, which lists over 11,000 recipes and has been in my Favourites list ever since I flew the nest (I've used it twice since Saturday), is set to be closed down, according to a BBC source. There's already a petition to save it here.

The corporation is today expected to announce cuts of £15 million to its online budget, and the fantastic recipe hub will be one of the sites sacrificed. Light-hearted magazine-style content and travel advice is also heading out of the window.

James Harding, the BBC’s director of news and current affairs, will explain the proposals outlined in his online creative review to staff later on. The broadcaster is set to narrow its online focus, having picked up criticism for trying to cover all bases and stepping on national newspapers’ toes.

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"What we do has to be high quality, distinctive, and offer genuine public value," said a BBC insider. "While our audiences expect us to be online, we have never sought to be all things to all people and the changes being announced will ensure that we are not."

Back to stuff you can eat, all recipes on BBC Food could reportedly be archived, though a move to the commercial BBC Good Food website is on the cards too. TV recipes, meanwhile, will be available online but only for 30 days. [BBC]