BBC iPlayer Likely to Require Your Birthday and Post Code for Access

By Gary Cutlack on at

You may soon have to tell the BBC how old you are and what your post code is in order to watch stuff on iPlayer, that's if relatively new BBC boss Lord Hall has his way.

The move would be the first part in a painful process to somehow stop people without license fees from watching everything on YouTube. Hall was addressing MPs at a Public Accounts Committee party, when he said: "It is the next stage of myBBC and how we move towards mandatory sign-in and are there things we should be offering for free before that. At the moment our thinking is around how we expand the sign-in and with what data. We would like to do postcode and date of birth."

That's not really enough data to see if someone in your area has paid the license fee, though -- and it's not that hard to "hack" this process by sticking in your legally sound mum or dad's post code and birthdays in anyway. So it'd probably be used mostly for suggesting relevant BBC Four documentaries, like if you're born before 1975 you get the ones about caravanning, Bob Dylan and the history of certain typefaces automatically suggested upon sign in. [Telegraph]

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