Brutally Hard NES Game Resurfaces 25 Years After Being Shelved

By Bryan Menegus on at

No one remembers 1990's Happily Ever After. That’s because it was a rubbish sequel to Snow White made by a totally different studio that, for financial reasons, only screened the film in France. But before anyone knew it was going to be terrible, game developer SOFEL had begun working on a tie-in to the film for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

As you can imagine, the film bombed and the game died along with it, even though promo photos had appeared in magazines leading up to the game’s supposed release. A totally overhauled SNES version was released years later, but it was presumed that the original was totally lost. That is, until a cartridge of the completed game surfaced 25 years later in Austin, Texas and was bought by Sean McGee. He ripped the game and uploaded it so that anyone could play this long-lost platformer using the NES emulator of their choice.

For a game ostensibly being marketed to young kids, the NES version of Happily Ever After looks ridiculously difficult. Thankfully, the 8-bit soundtrack has some legitimately good tunes to keep you entertained while you die over and over again.

You can download the ROM file of Happily Ever After from the bottom of this Nintendo Player page[Digg Video]