BT Sport to Show Champions League and Europa League Finals Free on TV and Online

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

BT Sport has confirmed that it will make both the Champions League final and the Europa League final free to view, meaning we'll all be subjected to the nonsensical ramblings of Owen Hargreaves and Michael Owen, rather than having to read about the stupid things they've said on Twitter. Both games will be shown live on BT Sport Showcase (Freeview channel 59),, and the BT Sport YouTube channel.

The paid channel has exclusive rights for both competitions, which has seen viewing figures drop considerably, so this comes as great news for the majority of the UK’s football fans.

First up will be the conclusion to the Europa League, which sees Liverpool’s comeback kings take on Sevilla at the inappropriately small St Jakob-Park in Basel on May 18th. Reds manager Jürgen Klopp will especially pleased at the BT news, having initially told as many Liverpool fans as possible to travel to Basel, before backtracking when he realised that the club's ticket allocation only amounts to around 10,000.

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The bigger tie, however, comes on May 28th and sees Madrid’s two giants battle for the top prize in club football, as they did back in 2014. The San Siro will host the match, which is guaranteed to be a dirty affair. Oh, there’s a chance it could be Cristiano Ronaldo’s final ever game for Real too.

If you don't care for football, sorry for subjecting you to that. [BTSport]