Could YOU Answer Today's SATs English Questions?

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Fun for all the family site SATs 2016 has published a sample key stage 2 SATs English test to give everyone a taste of what the country’s youngsters have to put up with before, well, before they’re able to play around and get into trouble, like kids are supposed to. So go on, lock yourself away for a bit, put 10 minutes on the clock and don't even think about cheating.

All done? The answers are below, for any of you brave and honest enough to find out how you’d stack up against the average 7-11-year-old. There's no shame in doing terribly. Unless you have kids, of course, in which case you shut their gloating mouths up by telling them that teachers in exam halls often like to play a little game called 'Stand next to the ugly kid'.

  1. Subordinating conjunction
  2. Preposition
  3. Plants
  4. Soon
  5. As a relative clause
  6. Everything but ‘Ali locked the door before he left’
  7. Modal verb indicated possibility
  8. The bad weather led to the cancellation
  9. Gemma was doing her science homework
  10. Two, the, one

[SATs 2016]