David Bowie Was Meant to Reprise His Role in the Twin Peaks Reboot

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the many actors lined up to appear in the return of Twin Peaks has let loose quite the interesting but ultimately sad piece of news, revealing that David Bowie was set to bring his character back to the TV series.

Bowie had a part in the film version of the show back in 1992, playing the really quite odd part of Agent Phillip Jeffries in Lynch's big screen production Fire Walk With Me. News of his return came via actor Harry Goaz -- Deputy Andy Brennan in the original series -- who said Bowie was scheduled to make a "cameo" appearance in the Peaks return at least, before his death earlier this year put an end to the plan.

Goaz also gave us an insight into the world of David Lynch, saying he only received his lines on the day of shooting -- and had to have his pages shredded once done. As if anyone would have a clue what's going on anyway.

The character of Brennan is still a county deputy some 25 years on, although Goaz said: "I do have my own office because I saw my nameplate on a desk, so that’s rather exciting for Andy." [Dallas News via NME]

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