Drop Dock Adds Magnetic MagSafe Style Charging to Android Phones (and iPhones Too)

By Gerald Lynch on at

Though it seems to be falling out of favour over at Apple, there’s a lot to love about the Cupertino company’s magnetic MagSafe MacBook charging ports. Snapping on satisfyingly and popping if if tripped off, they’ve saved many a MacBook from an early grave. Now a new Kickstarter project, the Drop Dock, looks to do the same for your phone.

Working with both iPhones and Android phones, the Drop Dock works on the same basic principle as the MagSafe connection, being a charging dock that both holds your phone in place and transfers its power over its magnetic connection. A small magnetic charging add-on is inserted into your phone’s Lightning port or microUSB port (no USB-C support here yet), and then you’re good to go - plug the dock into the wall, snap together the phone’s magnetic accessory to the cradle’s magnetic base port and your battery charges.

It’s annoying that the design necessitates the add-on juts out from an otherwise-flush phone chassis (I suppose there would be no way of getting it out otherwise), and that there’s no room for plugging a data cable in without removing the Drop Dock charging magnet, but it’s relatively neat way of bringing the MagSafe magic to mobile.

The Drop Dock Kickstarter will be open for crowdfunded business in the coming weeks, with pre-order prices starting at $49. That’s close to £34.