EasyJet Will Now Fine Late Passengers £80 to Change Flight

By James O Malley on at

If you're catching an EasyJet flight, make sure you leave plenty of time to get there or you could face a big fine - thanks to new rules being enforced by the low-cost carrier.

According to The Independent the check-in barriers at Gatwick will be programmed to not open if you're trying to get through to security less than thirty minutes before your flight. Instead, you'll have to return to the EasyJet desk and pay around £80 to book another flight.

Previously the barriers would have let you through and instead it would have been a mad dash to the departure gate. Even though EasyJet has always recommended leaving 30 minutes, it would usually try and squeeze you on anyway - much to the frustration of staff who want to get the plane into the air.

You might think that this is latest in a long line of examples of budget airlines turning the screws to wring more cash out of us, following stories about EasyJet charging a tenner to receive proof your flight was cancelled, or reducing the hand baggage allowance.

But surprisingly, this isn't simply a cheapskate thing, as British Airways has a similar policy but with a 35 minute cut off too. So really, the lesson here is simple: Make sure you get to the airport plenty of time in advance. [Independent]