EasyJet's Vibrating Smart Shoes Will Guide Your Feet Around Foreign Cities

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Quick calendar check. Nope, it’s not the beginning of April. EasyJet has unveiled a pair of prototype smart shoes designed as a hands-free way to guide tourists around foreign cities.

The surprisingly normal-looking Sneakair -- dodgy name -- trainers would connect to your phone via Bluetooth and use its GPS sensor and a mapping app to pinpoint where you are and where you need to go. Vibrating engines in the shoes would then point you in the right direction.

“We are looking at making this technology available for purchase on-board in the future, offering a very practical solution to those passengers who want to relax visiting a new place without the need of a map and enjoy every moment while they explore a new city,” said Peter Duffy, EasyJet’s marketing director.

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The Sneakair is certainly an interesting concept, but it does sound like the smart shoes could seriously sap your phone's battery, and we imagine the constant anticipation of a foot vibration could result in wearers wondering around like uncertain cat burglars. The airline wants to gauge the levels of interest amongst the public before pressing ahead with production. I think its chances are strong. [Mirror]