Elon Musk Worries That Babies are Built More Efficiently Than Teslas

By Alissa Walker on at

Tesla had an earnings call yesterday, one which was fairly typical for a Tesla earnings call. Except for the part where Elon Musk tried to relate the human gestational period to Tesla’s production cycle.

There was reason for Musk to talk about timing today. There are roughly a bazillion orders in for Tesla’s new Model 3, so Tesla needs to ramp up production — fast. This year, Tesla will only make about 90,000 cars. By 2018, Musk claimed, Tesla will be making 500,000 cars a year. That’s 9,615.38 cars per week. That seems... ambitious?

Truth be told, he hasn’t quite figured this part out. On the call, Musk requested that manufacturing experts come work for him to tell him exactly how to do it. Don’t worry, though, Musk knows it’s possible. Because babies.

Musk also happened to mention that his desk has been moved to the end of the production line so he can keep an eye on things there. He also has a sleeping bag at work that he has been using. Maybe for when he wants to “make some babies” in private.

Musk is known for his eccentric statements — we call ‘em Muskquotes™ — but this was exceptionally bizarre, even for him. Maybe he was just tired from trying to get into the Met Gala afterparty.