Eric Schmidt Admits He Uses an iPhone, Goads Apple Fanboys

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

What do you do if you’re the executive chairman of Alphabet and let slip that you have an iPhone? Say it’s Schmidt shit, of course! Eric Schmidt this week admitted that he uses an Apple smartphone and, of course, swiftly turned used incident as an opportunity for tech bantz.

His primary mobile is, thank the lord, an Android device, but perhaps surprisingly not a Nexus but a Samsung Galaxy S7. "The Samsung S7 is better,” he said loudly and clearly at Amsterdam's Startup Europe Fest. “It has a better battery. And those of you who are iPhone users [know] I'm right."

It doesn’t seem especially ridiculous to think about a top Google man admitting to using Apple’s wares, but you’d seriously struggle to imagine the shoe being on the other foot. Tim Cook or Jony Ive saying they have a Galaxy or HTC or LG or Xperia? No chance.

I’ve personally always felt for the top dogs at Microsoft, who, well, come on. Need I say any more? [CNBC]