Everything You Need to Know About SoundCloud Go

By Gary Cutlack on at

SoundCloud, the thing we currently use as a search place of last resort when something's not on Spotify or YouTube, has launched its SoundCloud Go subscription service in the UK and Ireland today. Here's what it is, how it works, what it costs and whether or not it's got Prince on it.

What Is It?
Subscription music. For £9.99 a month. No ads. The announcement says 125m tracks ought to be ready for access.

Is There A Free Trial?
Yes. Anyone signing up today to write a blog post about it can try it for free for 30 days. It's quite an aggressive system, though, demanding either an upfront credit card or Paypal commitment before granting access, so you'll need to set a calendar reminder to cancel it before your month is up, unless you plan on sticking with it.

Did Paypal Work?
Paypal sign ups were generating an error message at 10:48am, but then it worked on about the fourth attempt, so yes, just about.

Has It Got Beyonce and Prince?
I'm not sure what the new Beyonce stuff is, as all I listen to is her Destiny's Child-era material. In fact, I bought a used copy of Survivor from a charity shop to listen to in the car just yesterday. A search for Beyonce brings up her artist page which only seems to have old-ish material. Although this might be the new one, or people redistributing the new one. I don't know, I'm 42. There's three old Prince songs on it, so that's not much use.

Is There An App?

Does The App Do Everything?
A new "offline listening" option within the (updated, existing) iOS and Android apps asks it to instantly save everything you add to your liked playlist to the device for listening away from the mobile network of Wi-Fi. So yes.

Did You Actually Put It On Your Phone To Check This?
Yes, look:


So It Didn't Work?
No, it didn't work. That was signing in to the app with Facebook, which works OK on the desktop. I'm using a Xiaomi running a dodgy version of Android, though, so it might just be me.

What About Free Listening?
Sadly, free stuff remains limited to 30-second previews, so it's not much use, not unless you've got an extremely modern attention span.

Are You Likely To Ever Use It Again After This?

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