Films, Games, Events: What to Get up to This Bank Holiday Weekend

By James O Malley on at

It's finally Friday! And better than that... it's a bank holiday! No more work for three whole days. The weather is set to be dry for most of us, and fairly warm too. So what better time is there to sit in a dark room, to watch some films and play some games?


The big new release this week is Warcraft: The Beginning, the first big-screen adaption of Blizzard's ageing massively multiplayer online time sink. Directed by David Bowie Jr, Duncan Jones, who also directed sci-fi hits Moon and Source Code, the film tells the story of the first contact between humans and orcs, and features a number of locations from the games.

Basically try to imagine Lord of the Rings meets Hollywood accountants demanding a new cinematic universe that they can squeeze for profits forever. The big question for us though is will it finally the be the film that breaks the "great games make crap films" curse? Sadly from initial reviews it sounds as though it might be a bit of a dud, so we might just have to wait and put all of our hopes into Michael Fassbender instead.

If you want something a little more cerebral, there's Money Monster – a thriller in which George Clooney plays a financial news broadcaster who is taken hostage, live on air, by a man who got screwed during the financial crisis. It also stars Julia Roberts as the TV producer trying to save him, and is directed by Jodie Foster. So with that many big names attached it should be good... right?


It's a busy week for Blizzard. Not only does it have a film hitting cinemas, but its first new IP in years launched. Overwatch is a team-based shooter and already has millions of players – so why not get in early and explore the anime-inspired world?

You can find all of the other major game releases – including a new Ninja Turtles title – by checking in with our pals over at Kotaku.


And finally... what if you do want to venture out into the great outdoors? According to the BBC, the weather should be good for most of Britain (with some patches of rain) – so there's no excuse really.

In London, the MCM Comics Convention is already well under way. Though Saturday has already sold out, tickets are still available on Sunday. Guests this time around include Jesse Eisenberg, so you can ask him what went wrong with Batman vs Superman, as well as the not-quite-main-stars of The Big Bang Theory and Agents of SHIELD.

If you want something just as geeky, but without the need to cosplay, head down to the South Bank, where Soapbox Science are taking over and will be offering science demos and short talks to unsuspecting tourists. Don't worry, there won't be an exam after.

If you want to relive the '90s, head to Manchester where Gigantic is hosting an indie all-dayer on Saturday headlined by The Wonder Stuff and also featuring BMX Bandits and Menswe@r.

If you'd prefer to go even further back in time, head to Cambridgeshire and IWM Duxford, where there will be an airshow displaying American planes from WWII.

And if you don't fancy venturing any further than the sofa there is one event you can participate in: the brand new series of Top Gear begins on Sunday evening in its usual 8pm slot and the world will be watching. Will Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc be able to pick up where Clarkson et al left off, or will it be a disaster? Crack open the Twitter account and join the country in tweeting our collective snap judgements.